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George Floyd's life mattered Protest in Amsterdam

“This is
a message as clear as
the sky behind it. He was
a man callously snuffed,
surrounded by witnesses,
as if a scene in a bad movie.
But George Floyd was real,
this real life. The air that
he breathed ended by the
iron knee of another man,
an officer, sworn to protect.
George Floyd’s life mattered,
and now so does his death.”

by Patti Smith.

Too close in a house called Ceres.

For those who wondered what it is like to be a creative soul during this time.

Director: Robin de Puy
DOP: Maarten van Rossem
Editor: Bjorn Mentink
Sounddesign: Gijs Stollman
Grading: Maarten van Rossem
w/ VPRO Mondo

I am ready for 2020 Are you?

Edition of 7
70 x 52,5 cm or 140 x 105 cm
Fine art print on Fiba print baryta paper

Extended Breastfeeding for LINDA. Magazine

Photo 1: Mirella (49) and Yorit (8)
Photo 2: Denise (41) and Nileah (3)

Woman Of The Year - Iris de Graaf

Lavinia Meijer