Vlisco - Happy Mothers Day

Thank you Mum. This Mother’s Day, we were inspired by the influence that mothers have on their children. How children grow from that influence, and how it builds their character. To celebrate this bond, we invited families from 5 different countries — Togo, Benin, DRC, Ghana and Ivory Coast — to share the lessons they’ve learned, and express the emotional bonds that build who we are.

“Mom and Dad” Lavinia Meijer and Iggy Pop

Video Wende - Deze Gin

Wende - Het is genoeg

Darling girl, When all else fails.... join the circus.

Jozef Wright - If everybody is a photographer, what is it that defines you?

Full video: youtube.

Killer Cats Loudon, Tennessee

I met Chris in 2015 during my 8000 mile trip through America. He was only 8 years old and told me everything about killer cats. We sneaked through the woods and every little sound awakened a new killer cat story. He loved telling stories but - most of all - he loved being in his imaginary world with someone else. In stead of hearing this was all fake, he just wanted someone who realized this was real to him.

Chris is growing up with his grandma and grandpa. His parents died in car crash when he was very little. His mom was pregnant.
He never told me about his parents. His grandparents did, but he didn’t. He did talk to me though. Especially about his ‘fascination’ about killer cats.
Just like every other child he lives in his own imaginary world, but unfortunately his world isn’t safe. There is a constant threat make him feel unsafe.
But he knows how to survive.

Last year, just before Covid said hi, I visited him. Again. And within minutes he took me on a field trip and shared all his (new) discoveries about these cats.
So much love for this kid.

Too close in a house called Ceres.

For those who wondered what it is like to be a creative soul during this time.

Director: Robin de Puy
DOP: Maarten van Rossem
Editor: Bjorn Mentink
Sounddesign: Gijs Stollman
Grading: Maarten van Rossem
w/ VPRO Mondo

Robinde Puy