Woman Of The Year - Iris de Graaf

Birk - Wannabe Singer

S10 for LINDA. magazine

Kirill Serebrennikov - NYT magazine

The Russian Filmmaker Trapped Between Hollywood and Moscow.

Harper's Bazaar NL

Daily Paper

Extended Breastfeeding for LINDA. Magazine

Photo 1: Mirella (49) and Yorit (8)
Photo 2: Denise (41) and Nileah (3)


Woman Of The Year, Sifan Hassan

Young and Lonely, LINDA. magazine

Series about young adults during Covid-19.

Jane Goodall LINDA. magazine

Iconic and Blind Embracing fashion as a blind person.

Styling: Thomas Vermeer
Muah: Sandra Govers

Marc de Hond 1977 - 2020

Robinde Puy